Dagny Lauren Looper

Contact: dagny.film@gmail.com

NYU Tisch School of the Arts / directing / MFA 2014

Institute for Astronomy / Astronomy / Ph.D. 2011
California Institute for Technology / Astrophysics / B.Sc. 2004

Writer, Director, Producer, Science Consultant

Skills: Producing, FCP and AVID editor, Sound mixer

Film Credits:


"Daisy, Arkansas," pre-production, Producer (Directed by Brett Wagner)

"Brass Knuckle Ballad", in post-production, Producer (Directed by Thomas Takemoto Chock)

"The Muse", 2013, Production Coordinator (Directed by Sophie Barthes)


"Suicide?!", 2014, Director

"Macbeth", 2014, Director

"The Lipstick Stain", 2013, Writer/Director